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Socks Technology

The North American Hosiery Manufacturers have established standard sizes through the USA and are consistent through measurement on NAHM standard boards.  Sock sizes are not the same as shoe sizes. Click here for socks and shoe size chart

Yarns used in each sock also make a difference in comfort.  Different fibers within the yarns and finishes used on the yarns contribute to comfort as well as durability.  Here are a few of the yarns and finishes we currently offer:


Aegis Microbe Shield® is a revolutionary bonded antimicrobial technology. It provides protection against odor, staining and deterioration causing bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms and is a permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier. Aegis physically ruptures the bacteria’s cell membrane making it a physical control process, not a chemical treatment.



A sustainable fiber spun into a soft, luxurious type of rayon yarn.



Luxurious wool yarn spun from the roots of the hair of Kahmir goats.  Socks made from cashmere blended yarns are comfortable, warm and soft. 




CoolMax® wicks moisture away from the foot. CoolMax® provides great breathability, even when wet. The breathability further enhances the thermoregulatory effect; so you stay dry and comfortable.



Cotton is a soft, natural fiber that absorbs moisture. Cotton provides softness, shock absorption, and moisture absorption. 



Yarn or finish designed to repel moisture.


Merino Wool

Merino takes the itch out of wool. Merino wool fiber is so fine that five strands equal the width of a human hair. Its long silky fibers guarantee a wool sock that won’t itch. In addition to comfort, wool is nature’s technical fiber. Wool is the most hydrophilic (moisture attracting) of all natural fibers, absorbing as much as 30% of its weight without feeling wet. Besides being a natural wicking fiber, wool doesn’t attract dirt because it is an anti-static fiber. Fox River® merino wool socks retain their soft feel, wash after wash.


Microfiber Acrylics

Microfiber acrylics are exceptionally soft, high-wicking, low-bulk synthetic fibers. Microfiber acrylics wick moisture way from feet to help eliminate blisters.



Very fine synthetic fibers which create very lightweight, washable, and breathable soft yarns.  Micro-synthetic yarns are more durable than most natural yarns and adhere well to color when dyed. 


Organic Cotton

Yarn derived from cotton which has not been genetically modified and grown without synthetic agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. 


Recycled Cotton

Yarn spun from pre-consumer excess cotton material.  The staple fiber is shorter in length compared to the original cotton length and can be blended with other fibers.



Moisture wicking yarn which creates a cool, dry, and comfortable sock.  Produced by the Unifi, Inc.



Rayon made from a cellulose solution producing a soft, silky feel.



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